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Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. Serious Questions Arise Concerning the True Nature of the Events


Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Serious Questions Arise Concerning the True Nature of the Events

On Friday, December 14th, 2012, an event of horrific proportions took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut:  More than two dozen people were reported to have been slain by a lone gunman inside of Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Twenty of the victims are reported to have been children.  The suspected shooter is said to be 20-year-old Adam Lanza, a shy and reclusive young man whom the media is reporting suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder, personality disorder as well as Asperger's Syndrome (autism).  Adam was said to have been armed with as many as five weapons as well as a bullet-proof vest at the time when the murders took place.  Reports state that he was also dressed in camouflage/black battle fatigues.  Reports have also surfaced from local police in which we are told that after opening fire and killing dozens of people, Adam Lanza then turned one of those guns on himself in an apparent murder/suicide.
     In the wake of this event, some very confusing details have surfaced in regards to the mainstream media's reports concerning the true nature of the events which took place inside the school.  The purpose of this write-up is merely to ask some very basic questions, as the media reports which have surfaced, when put together, seem to paint a very confusing picture.  
     This article is in NO WAY meant to confirm nor deny any of the reports coming forward.  It is merely meant as a forum for asking some deeper questions.  The scope of this tragedy is immeasurable, and we must all mourn deeply for the deaths of these innocent victims.  

Please click HERE to watch a video showing the full speech given on Saturday, December 15th, 2012 by Robbie Parker, father of Emilie Parker, a victim in the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings. 

Please click HERE to watch the full Press Conference given by Dr. H. Wayne Carver, chief medical examiner assigned to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

School Principal speaks to reporters before being killed
In a report posted in The Newtown Bee, the town's local newspaper, the following statement is made:

"Sandy Hook School Principal Dawn Hochsprung told the Bee that a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shots-more than she could count-that went on and on."
This statement raises a very serious question:  How could the school principal, who is reported to have been one of those killed inside the school, have spoken to reporters before being murdered?  All mainstream media outlets report that the killings happened over a matter of minutes, so how could the principal have possibly made contact with reporters? 
     This report was taken down from The Newtown Bee's official website, but a screen of it is shown here:

DHS and FEMA run joint emergency preparedness drills at the Sandy Hook Fire Department in fall of 2010

In a rather coincidental turn of events, it appears that both the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) conducted a joint emergency preparedness exercise on September 22nd of 2010 in the town of Sandy Hook, Connecticut.  This was conducted under the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).  The operation was conducted out of the Sandy Hook Fire Department, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the Sandy Hook Elementary school, just across the road.  This begs the question:  Is it pure coincidence that two major federal agencies conducted a joint emergency preparedness exercise two years and four months prior to a major event happening at the school?

Official website link to the training course at Sandy Hook

Link to the official DHS HSEEP website HERE
Link to FEMA's Exercise Evaluation Guides (EEG), which are tied into the HSEEP training course HERE

Media reports on multiple suspects apprehended at the scene

The vast majority of mainstream media reports have stated that Adam Lanza acted alone in committing this tragedy.  

Initial Press Statement from Governor's office and the State Police HERE

Article in the Examiner HERE

However, an eyewitness live on the scene is interviewed and claims that a second suspect was apprehended and placed into a police car.  That footage is HERE.  The exchange between the eyewitness and the reporter was as follows:

"I saw him walk a guy earlier with handcuffs, and he walked by us and said he didn't do it.


"It was a grown man?"


"A grown man, yeah.  He's sittin' in the front of the police car over there now."


"He didn't have a gun?"


No, I didn't see any gun, just had him handcuffed, and he walked by us and looked into parents eyes and said, "I didn't do it."


"How was he dressed?"


"Camo pants with a dark jacket."

Several mainstream sources have also reported that a second suspect was apprehended at the scene.
"A second man wearing camouflage trousers was seen being handcuffed. One witness described him shouting: “I didn’t do it.”

--from the UK Telegraph HERE

This was confirmed by a child inside the school:  

"One nine-year-old boy said: “I was in the gym. We heard lots of bangs and we thought it was the custodian knocking stuff down. Then we heard screaming. Then police came in and said, 'Is he in here?’ Then they ran out and we went to the closet in the gym and hid. Then we ran to the fire house and saw a guy on the floor in handcuffs. We were just happy to be alive.”

Live video footage of the child being interviewed can be seen HERE.

From CBS News HERE
"CBS News reports that a potential second suspect was in custody and that SWAT was investigating the home of the suspect. It was not known if that alleged second suspect fired any of the shots in the massacre.

A witness tells WFSB-TV that a second man was taken out of the woods in handcuffs wearing a black jacket and camouflage pants and telling parents on the scene, “I did not do it.”

A local news reporter live on the scene also made the statement that he witnessed a man in handcuffs being taken into custody.

Live News Report for News 8 WTNH HERE

And this from Business Insider HERE
"Following the shooting, Police were "questioning a handcuffed suspect in connection with the Newtown school shooting," the Connecticut Post tweeted. A witness told Jany that a man "was led out of the woods by police in handcuffs." Connecticut State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance told reporters that there was only one shooter."
Also this from ABC News HERE
So here we have a child inside the school, a local news reporter on the scene, and an unidentified witness all confirming having seen a second suspect in handcuffs.

Perhaps the most revealing angle of this concerns live aerial footage captured of police officers running in pursuit of a suspect through the woods just outside of Sandy Hook Elementary School.  In the footage, you will see a group of officers gathered around in a circle in the woods surrounding what appears to be an apprehended suspect.  If this is the case, then it appears as though there may be as many as THREE individuals involved in this affair:  The suspect apprehended in the parking lot, the suspect apprehended in the woods, and Adam Lanza, whom we are told shot and killed himself inside the school.  The video footage can be viewed HERE and HERE.  *Note:  It is recommended that you mute the sound when watching this video, as there is a rather irksome 'beeping' sound that accompanies the footage (perhaps something to do with the fact that it was recorded live from a helicopter).

The most important question that must be asked here is this:  Who are these additional suspects, and why, after being taken from the scene in handcuffs, are we told nothing more about them?
Police Scanners capture live feed of multiple suspects apprehended
Perhaps even more revealing than the helicopter video footage is live police scanner audio captured and uploaded onto the internet.  In this audio, the following conversation can be heard taking place between multiple officers:
Officer 1 (dispatch): 

"I have reports that the teacher saw two shadows running past the building, past the gym, which would be rear."

Officer 2 (in pursuit):

"Ya we got 'em."

"They're comin' at me (inaudible).  Comin' up the driveway, left side!"

"(Inaudible) I got 'em proned out." 
:  'Proned out' refers to an apprehended suspect laying face down on the ground

The live feed is available HERE.  The audio in question begins at :48 and ends at 1:34.
This live police scanner feed proves, unequivocally, that multiple suspects were apprehended ON SITE.  Seeing as how the officer refers to 'THEY', meaning more than one, it means that we have multiple suspects apprehended.  When one considers that there was also a suspect (or suspects) apprehended in the woods, it begs the question:  Exactly how many additional possible shooters and/or accomplices were involved in this affair?

Van with additional suspects pursued; possibly connected to the shootings

Reports surfaced that a purple/maroon van was being pursued by authorities, possibly in connection with the shootings. 

This from the Mount Pleasant Daily Voice HERE

"Another report said police surrounded a purple van at 33 Crosby St. in Danbury that may be connected to Newtown school shooting."

And this from CBS News HERE

"Police believe there may be a second gunman and are looking for a red or maroon van with its back window blown out, 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported."

And lastly, the following conversation was posted to the Connecticut Radio Discussion Forum in real-time as the events were unfolding.  The individuals on this network monitor emergency radio scanners, and it was from this network where the aforementioned police scanner audio was pulled (Link HERE)

"Purple van with 2 suspects wearing ski masks one dressed in a nun's outfit, possibly related to this incident, being sought. Last seen in Danbury.
Per CSP, FBI personell on scene."


"Has there been any chatter on the purple van?"

Edit: "Danbury PD just reported the van near a bagel shop, passenger threw something in the garbage."
The question must then be asked:  Did the authorities apprehend the suspects in this van, and if so, are they in any way connected with this event?
Parents of victims not shown bodies

In the aftermath of the shootings, the parents of the victims were not given access to their childrens' bodies.  Rather, the bodies are said to have been taken from the scene and autopsied at a facility a number of miles away.  In a report published in mainstream publication Independent World News (viewable HERE),

"The parents of the children killed in America's second deadliest mass shooting identified their loved ones from photographs because authorities tried to spare them further agony."

"Dr H Wayne Carver, Connecticut's chief medical examiner, said the decision to use photos of facial features was made to make it "easier on the families".

"Describing the injuries as "probably the worst" he has seen in more than 30 years, Dr Carver said, "we did not bring the bodies and families into contact", when identifying the victims."

Lt. Paul Vance, the lead law enforcement officer in this case, made the following statement on CBS News (viewable HERE):
"The bodies of all of the deceased victims of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting were positively identified by early Saturday morning, according to Connecticut State Police spokesman Lt. Paul Vance.

Vance shared new details regarding the ongoing investigation Saturday on "CBS This Morning: Saturday," confirming that the families of the victims have been notified, and that the victims' bodies were removed from the school overnight.

"Our objective certainly was to positively identify the victims to try to give the families some closure," he explained. "Our detectives worked well through the night. By early this morning, we were able to positively identify all of the victims and make some formal notification to all of the families of the victims."

Vance added that the removal of the bodies "has been accomplished. That was done overnight, " he said. "We worked very closely with the medical examiner who was on the scene to expedite the process and were able to accomplish that."

What this means if that the victims' families were never allowed access to their childrens' bodies.  The bodies are said to have been identified by police on the scene and then 'notification' was sent to the families.  Additional reports on the release of the bodies to the families has not been published. 

Reports surface that Nancy Lanza was not an employee of the school

On Saturday morning, December 15th, Dr. Janet Robinson, Superintendent of the Newtown Public Schools, was interviewed on the Today Show.  During this interview, Dr. Robinson is questioned about Nancy Lanza, the mother of Adam Lanza.  She makes the following statement:
"We have no Nancy Lanza in our database.  She may have been a substitute teacher but in terms of being a full-time employee, she is not...they asked me to look in the database to see if she was a teacher."

Report HERE

Also this from Yahoo News HERE

And this from the Wall Street Journal HERE

However, this information contradicts earlier reports which state that,
"The gunman walked into his mother Nancy Lanza’s classroom at around 9.30am and opened fire. It was unclear whether she died in the classroom, or earlier at her nearby home."

--from the UK Telegraph HERE

Also this from ABC News:
"According to ABC News, the shooter's mother, Nancy Lanza, worked at the school as a teacher's aide."

Report HERE

And this from CBC World News:
"At least one parent said that his mother, Nancy Lanza, was a substitute teacher at the school, but her name did not appear on a staff list, The AP reported."

Report HERE
Media reports that five guns were used in the assault and that 100 rounds were fired

"A mother who was in a meeting with the principal and half a dozen other people at about 9.30am described having heard a “pop pop pop” in the hallway.  The witness described cowering under a table and said that 100 rounds or more might have been fired. Two bodies were seen in the hallway in a pool of blood and children had to run past."

--from the UK Telegraph HERE

And this from CNN HERE

The Today Show went on to report that 'State and Federal Officials' had released a statement confirming that a total of FIVE weapons were recovered at the scene:  Four handguns and an assault rifle.  The handguns were said to have been recovered inside the school, whereas the assault rifle is said to have been recovered inside Adam Lanza's car.  

Report HERE
NBC News released a report stating stating that both 'State and Federal Officials' confirm having found four handguns inside the school, but that the assault rifle was found in the shooter's car.  That report, along with video footage of law enforcement authorities removing the 'long weapon' from the trunk of the shooter's car, can be viewed HERE.

This, however, contradicts reports given by the chief medical examiner, who stated that,
"All the victims at the school were shot with a rifle."

--from ABC News HERE

And from CBS HERE
"The Associated Press reported that more guns were found inside of the school and that state and federal authorities were tracing them."

Additional reports surfaced that Adam Lanza was wearing a bullet-proof vest. 

--from ABC News HERE

And other media outlets report that Adam Lanza was dressed in full camouflage. 
"The first law enforcement source says the school shooter was dressed in "black battle fatigues and a military vest."

"The suspect reportedly went into the elementary school at 9:40 a.m. EST dressed in camouflage and armed with two guns. He then opened fire with a .223-caliber rifle, according to Newtown law enforcement."

*The second of these two statements is particularly revealing, as again, many of the media outlets are stating that Adam Lanza left the assault rifle in his car.

--from CNN HERE and also HERE

And lastly:  The same CNN report states the following:
"Before entering the classroom, the shooter reportedly confronted the school’s female principal. The two were having a verbal altercation when the principal turned on the PA system to alert the school about what was going on, according to an unconfirmed ABC News report."
What this means is that Adam, carrying as many as five weapons, including a high-powered assault rifle, and dressed in black battle fatigues as well as a bullet-proof vest, confronted the principal before opening fire.  After having an argument, Adam apparently walked away and the principal went over the PA system to announce what was happening.  At what point then did Adam murder the principal? 

All of this raises a legitimate concern:  Four handguns, a high-powered assault rifle, a bullet-proof vest, and camouflage/black battle fatigues are an astounding amount of gear for a 20-year-old young man with autism to have in his possession.  Media reports have surfaced which state that all of this gear was registered under his mother's name.  Once again, according to reports, Nancy Lanza may or may not have been a teacher at the school.  If so, then the question must be asked:  Why is a purported elementary school teacher in possession of such an enormous arsenal of assault gear, including a military assault rifle?

Photo showing three of the five firearms purported to have been used by Adam Lanza

--from the N.Y. Daily News HERE

As this story continues to develop, more details will be forthcoming.  We must all keep a vigilant eye on this story, most especially on the angle concerning the additional suspects apprehended on the scene.  In the meantime, please take a moment of silence for all of those poor souls who have died as a result of this massacre:  The teachers, the children, and Adam Lanza himself.  Yes, that's right, Adam Lanza:  A 20-year-old young man with Asperger's Syndrome and obsessive compulsive/personality disorder, a shy and reclusive loner, withdrawn from the world and called a 'nerd' and a 'goth' by certain people in the community.  We must ask ourselves:  How in the world is it possible for a man so young, (and, according to most reports, quite intelligent), to attain so many 'labels' in only the first twenty years of his life, and then somehow suddenly fly off the deep end and go on a shooting spree with thousands of dollars worth of assault gear, killing more than two dozen innocent women and children, as well as himself, in the process?

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