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UK given more time to reduce PM10s

Re Posted: 4/21/2011

CENSORED European Commission simply don't trust the UK Government to protect people's health

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BLOCKED ARTICLE READ HERE - The European Commission has given the UK more time to meet air quality standards in London - on the condition more measures are brought in to tackle pollution.

The UK had been threatened with legal action over its failure to meet European standards for particles known as PM10s which come from industry, traffic and domestic heating and cause health problems including asthma and lung cancer.

But the Commission said it is giving the UK until June 11 to meet limits on the amount of PM10s in the atmosphere in the capital.

The time extension wjavascript:void(0)as granted on the basis that steps have been taken to cut PM10s by the June 11 deadline, and that an air quality plan is in place.

The Commission said it is still concerned that the rules on the daily limit for PM10s in the atmosphere - which should not be exceeded more than 35 times in a year - could still be breached after June 11.

So the deadline has been extended on the condition that short-term measures are introduced to control or suspend activities which contribute to the risk that the daily limits are exceeded.

These could mean taking steps on traffic, construction work, ships, the use of industrial plants or domestic heating.

A spokesman for London Mayor Boris Johnson said the decision is a welcome recognition of the "serious steps" the Mayor has taken to reduce PM10 pollution to confront the poor air quality in the capital he inherited, including a trial scheme to spray busy roads to reduce dust, encouraging low emission vehicles such as hybrid buses and investing in cycling and electric cars.

But Green Party London Assembly Member Darren Johnson said the European Commission had required a set of emergency plans to reduce pollution because they "simply don't trust" the UK Government and London Mayor to protect people's health.

He called for the Mayor to take steps including restoring the western extension of the congestion charge zone and introducing a very low emission zone which only allowed the cleanest vehicles to enter central London.


UK given more time to reduce PM10s

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